Friday, July 1, 2011

Eight species in a day! Today has been a great day out at sea - this morning we had a fantastic sighting of two fin whales, an unexpected species as usually large baleen whales like these are seen in the springtime when they are migrating north for the summer - our last sighting was back in May. During the trip we also saw sperm whales, common, striped, Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins... six species in total!

Watching a passing fin whale

The afternoon trips were eventful - pilot whales joined the list of sightings and were especially friendly. A sperm whale calf seemed to be enjoying spending time with them at the surface while they swam over and around the individual rolling around playfully.

Sperm whale calf and pilot whales socialising

For our eighth cetacean species of the day, one of our dolphin swimming trips spent time with a large group of Risso's dolphins this afternoon.. and were temporarily joined by a flying fish which flew into one of the crew members aboard the boat - a closer encounter than most of our guests had expected!

Looking down on bow-riding Atlantic spotted dolphins

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