Monday, July 18, 2011

So far today we have already seen 4 cetacean species: sperm whales, Atlantic spotted dolphins, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. This was just during our morning trip. One of our boats is currently out for an afternoon whale watching tour, so we are hoping they will return with good news of more great sightings. The past few weeks have generally been very good in terms of sightings and weather. In fact, conditions have been so great that we have been out to sea every day for the past 5 weeks. The summer is a very good time of year for whale watching in the Azores, as this is when we get to see many sperm whale groups as well as many dolphins. This month so far we have already seen 8 species, including dolphins every day and sperm whales almost 80% of the days. This is also the the best time of the year to see many calves and swim with dolphins:

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins - mother and calf

Bottlenose dolphins - mother and calf

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