Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sperm whales, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins have been sighted on our trips so far today..

Atlantic spotted dolphins

We're also keeping an eye on the news to see what is achieved at this year's annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission taking place this week. Seeing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat every day naturally makes us passionate about their welfare so we're hoping agreements are made to limit the whaling which still goes on in some countries. We have a very rich whaling history here in the Azores but we are very happy to have made the transition to sustainable whalewatching, in the hope that the more people learn about these incredible creatures the more motivated we will all be to protect them and our shared environment. English journalist and writer Philip Hoare visited the islands recently and raises some interesting questions here: http://gu.com/p/3vdf7 At Futurismo we believe in responsible whalewatching and hope that observing whales and dolphins in the wild inspires our guests to minimise their impact on the marine environment.

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