Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today we have some great photos to share with you from guests who have been out with us over the last few days. First up is this great image of common dolphins taken by Igor Lebrun who was out watching whales and dolphins on one of our small boats:

Also, a big congratulations to Mark and Charlie Schenk who were recently married and spent their honeymoon on the island with us! Mark has kindly given us some of his photos from the last few days - we're hoping to be able to identify the sperm whales they saw once our marine biologists have a chance to work through our extensive photo catalogue of sperm whale tails. Each sperm whale has a unique tail, much like our fingerprints, so hopefully we'll soon be able to let Mark and Charlie know if we can identify the individual. If it is a whale we haven't seen before then they will be able to name it for us for future sightings! This applies to any individual we can't identify so please keep sending in any tail fluke photos you have from trips with us to futurismo.biologists@gmail.com.. You'll know there's a sperm whale out in the Atlantic ocean with a name you've chosen and we'll be able to keep building our photo ID catalogue which is essential if we want to continue learning about these incredible animals.

Mark also snapped the following great shots of various marine life. Firstly, a lovely photo of an Atlantic spotted dolphin with her calf - notice how spotted the mother is compared to the younger animal, the calves are born completely grey and develop spots as they age.

Below we have a Cory's shearwater - a species of shearwater that comes to the Azores to breed during the summer. We are lucky enough to see about 60-70 % of their population throughout the islands and often see them out at sea, swooping close to the water's surface riding the wind.

And last but not least, a group of common dolphins swimming close to shore - sometimes we have to travel a few miles offshore to observe marine mammals, but as you can see in this case we didn't have to go far from land this time!

A big thank you to Igor, Mark and Charlie. Hope to see you again soon - and a big congratulations again to the newlyweds!

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