Thursday, August 11, 2011

A beautiful day to be out whalewatching today! A friendly group of sperm whales were to be found to the south of the island - we saw 6 individuals in total this morning, some socialising at the surface together which is always really interesting to see.

As the sea was fairly calm and glassy we could follow the whales by the footprints they left behind as they swam towards each other just beneath the surface. A whale 'footprint' is what we call the smooth round patch of water on the surface which is created by the upward motion of a whale's muscular tail as it swims forward. Some whalers used to believe it was the oil left behind by the whale and Inuit peoples call it a window into the whale's world, but today it was just a great way to see where the whales were heading when they weren't breaking the surface.

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