Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bottlenose dolphin playing with plastic

This photo taken here last week shows a bottlenose dolphin carrying a piece of plastic on its dorsal fin. Although plastic in the oceans can be very harmful to marine life, in this case it seems that the dolphin was actually playing with the plastic. Dolphins have often been observed carrying and passing around seaweed and other objects almost as if it's a game. To see a video of this behaviour click here.

Such behaviour may be practice for catching food and helps build social bonds in groups. It just goes to show how intelligent these amazing animals are. We feel really lucky here to be able to see this and other interesting behaviour in the wild on a daily basis.

As for our tours today, unfortunately we had to cancel all our trips this morning due to bad visibility caused by low cloud and rain. We are waiting and hoping that conditions will improve so we can get back on the water this afternoon.

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