Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recent sperm whale photos

Watching a friendly female sperm whale from one of our small boats

Watching a large male sperm whale "Mr Liable" from our large catamaran

A curious sperm whale approaching one of our boats
Large male sperm whale "Mr Liable" raising his tail to go on a deep dive

The above photos are of some of the sperm whales that we have been seeing in our waters recently. The sperm whale is the main whale species seen in the Azores, especially during the summer when we can frequently see large family groups. This year in July and August so far we have seen sperm whales on 67% of the days that we have been whale watching. The islands of the Azores are a breeding and feeding ground for these large social animals. This year we have been lucky to have many sperm whales passing São Miguel island, including several mother with their calves and the occasional male such as Mr Liable that occasionally visit the female groups. When we are not watching sperm whales we are most likely with a group of one of the many dolphin species that we can see here. We welcome you to come and find out for yourself why the Azores is considered one of the top whale watching locations in the world!

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