Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally we have beautful calm seas again! The wind of the last few days has finally tailed off and we went out this morning to sunny calm conditions with great visibility. Big groups of bottlenose, common and Atlantic spotted dolphins awaited us with plenty of jumps and acrobatics - and the water was clear enough to see the dolphins curiously swimming under the boats and bow-riding beneath the waves. This afternoon pilot whales also joined in the fun.

We've also been signing the Avaaz petition to help bring an end to bottom-trawling fisheries. This is the most destructive method of fishing worldwide; nets are dragged across thousands of miles of seabed, destroying everything in their path. Not only are the target species caught in the giant nets, but also everything else to be found in the nets' path which means an enormous amount of unnecessary bycatch which is killed but useless to the fishing industry. This is one of most important reasons to ensure that, if you eat fish, you know how it has been caught and avoid fish that has been caught using these unbelievably unsustainable methods. Please join us in signing this petition to the UN to voice our opinions - bottom-trawling is something that must stop if we want to continue seeing marine wildlife in our oceans!

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