Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer is still here

The last two days we have been really lucky with the weather and our sightings. The sky has been clear and we have had calm waters, making it much easier for our whale watching and dolphin swimming tours. During these last two days we have been seeing different groups of sperm whales as they pass our island. Both this morning and yesterday morning the sperm whales were feeding, so we got to see several of the whales raising their tails to go on their deep feeding dives. Yesterday socialising behaviour was also seen: in the afternoon least four whales were seen together at the surface. We currently have our afternoon whale watching tour on the sea, who knows what they may be lucky enough to see.

Sperm whales: Mother and calf

Sperm whale

Our dolphin sightings have also been great. This morning we spent some time with a large group of common dolphins while yesterday we saw four different dolphin species (bottlense dolphins, common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and Risso's dolphins). These photos show some of our more special dolphin moments from yesterday:

Watching a group of common dolphinsOne of our friendly resident bottlenose dolphinsRisso's dolphin leaping out of the water

1 comment:

paulo.ribeiro said...

I still can't believe how dry these people look.

I've been there on the 9th, just before I catch my plane... and I never thought one could get so wet, on a boat.

Nice experience, but I wasn't prepared for that.

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