Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today was another one of those days that we could only go to the sea in the morning, as the wind picked up too much for our afternoon tours. Still we managed to get a good tour in. Our whale watchers and dolphin swimmers got to enjoy some time with a large friendly group of common dolphins. This is just one of the dolphins that was leaping alongside our boats:

This is just one of the many species that we can see here in the Azores. Lately we have also been seeing many Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, as well as pilot whales and sperm whales. One of our recent passangers, Ida Eriksson, has recently been on 6 tours with us, and was lucky enough to have some great encounters with many of these species. Click here to see Ida's blog that shows some photos and videos of these encounters. Thank you Ida.

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