Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dolphins, birds and turtles

Another day of excellent sea and weather conditions here for us in São Miguel!

This morning we went out on what turned out to be another great whale watching tour. Although there were no whales in the area there was plenty of other wildlife around for us to see. Our tour started off with a group of common dolphins that were leaping out of the water as they were travelling very fast to the west:

Common dolphins

We travelled with the group for a while, also observing many birds along the way. As well as our usual bird sightings this morning we also saw some Manx shearwaters, a very beautiful species as you can see in the photo taken during the tour:

Unfortunately we also came across a dead bird that was entangled in a piece of fishing net. A sad reminder that we need to be more careful with things like fishing nets and other forms of litter that can be deadly for seabirds, dolphins, whales, turltes and many other species.

Bird tangled in a piece of fishing net

Later in the tour we went a bit further offshore where we came across a loggerhead turtle at the surface, followed by a very large and playful group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. Another very good tour for us here in the Azores.

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