Monday, November 14, 2011

Well known dolphins

This month has been difficult so far as we have not had the best weather and sea conditions and have therefore been cancelling many tours. Luckily this morning conditions were looking allright so we went out while we had the opportunity. The sea was actually pretty good and the sky was clear. Our tour started off with a sighting of two of our resident bottlenose dolphins. Although there were only two they were very friendly and curious about our boats as they were swimming around and under us. We could instantly recognise one of the dolphins (known as "Big A" in our catalogue of individuals) from the unique way it always swims by lifting its upper body high out of the water (shown in the following photo that was taken on this morning's tour)

One of our resident bottlenose dolphins known as "Big A"

Next we had an encounter with a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. There were many more dolphins in this group, including a few juveniles and even newborn calves. Unlike the bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins do not stay in the Azores the whole year. Its good to see they are still here, as we can expect them to head further south in the next month or so.

Atlantic spotted dolphins

The weather forecast is looking better for the coming week, so we are anticipating more great tours in the coming days.

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