Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lots of cetaceans to watch

Today we were back on the sea again and just like 3 days ago there was plenty to see. The same group of sperm whales that we saw last time were still in the area, so both our morning and afternoon passengers got to see them. There were also pilot whales around, perhaps the same group that was seen in the area three days ago. In the morning we saw a group of about 15 of these pilot whales before they left the area in the afternoon. Like usual there were also plenty of dolphins around so that throughout the day we saw several of groups of common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. The last few days there have been a huge number of seabirds around, a very good indication that there is a lot of food around for the whales and dolphins. The following photos are from our tour this afternoon:

Watching a sperm whale passing close to one of our boats

Juvenile sperm whale diving

Atlantic spotted dolphin close to Vila Franca Islet

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