Monday, December 19, 2011

4 species again

Again this morning we sighted 4 cetacean species!
This time it was sperm whales, Risso's dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins. We were really lucky with our sightings and sea conditions which were perfect. There were many sperm whales around, these are just a few of them:

 Santa Maria Island in the background

Of the many whales we saw we managed to see 5 of them bringing up their tails, and from photos of these we could recognise some individuals that we had seen before. 4 of the whales have been sighted here before, including back in July and August of this year, and even as far back as 2006. It's great to see these whales returning to this area! Our dolphin encounters also turned out great. The following two photos are of a Risso's dolphin mother and calf pair that we came across towards the end of our tour, before we finished off with a great encounter of common dolphins just outside our marina.

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