Monday, January 2, 2012

Our first encounter with whales for 2012!

This morning we had our first whale encounter for 2012! We saw several sperm whales that belong to a group that we also saw here twice last month. When a sperm whale dives we take photos which are used to identify the individual from the natural marks on its tail. The tail in the above photo is of a whale that we also encountered on December 19th and 30th (see another photo of this individual in our previous blog post). From today's encounters we also identified another sperm whale seen here on December 30th. The sperm whales we see here in the Azores live in groups or units, so it becomes interesting when we can learn more about the individuals that make up these different groups.

As for dolphins, today we saw a few common dolphins in the sperm whale area, but today really ended up being more of a day for the whales. Yesterday we saw more dolphins, as we encountered a couple of small groups of common dolphins followed by Risso's dolphins. Every one of our tours are very different so you never really know what you will see when you come on a tour with us. The best part for you is that we have a money back guarantee if no cetacean species are encountered during your tour.

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