Friday, January 6, 2012

Sei whale sighted!!!

This morning we had an encounter with a large whale. It wasn't our usual sperm whale encounter, instead it was with a Sei whale. The Sei whale is the third largest species, after the blue whale and fin whale. It is one of the baleen whales, a filter feeding whale that carries out long anual migrations between their summer feeding ground in polar waters and their winter breeding ground in warmer waters. Baleen whales are commonly seen passing the Azores between late March and June, so it was a nice suprise for us to see this Sei whale here this time of the year. The whale was diving a lot and only coming up for one breath between dives, so the above photo was the only decent one we got as the surfacings were rather unpredictable.  But the important part is that our passengers got to see the whale, as well as a nice group of common dolphins.

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