Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spotted and common dolphins, and a man-o-war

This morning was just like summer again in São Miguel. We had great sea and weather conditions for our whale watching tour. Although we did not see any whales today we did see several groups of common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. The water must still be relatively warm for us to still be seeing the spotted dolphins here so late in the season. As well as the dolphins our passengers also got a really good look at a Portuguese man-o-war (shown by one of our biologists in the photo) grasping two boar fish. These fish have been sighted here in large numbers of the past few months, arriving dead on the gulf stream as part of a natural phenomenon. Even though the fish are dead they have been puncturing our rubber boats, so it's great for us to see the jellyfish feeding on the dead boar fish.

Watching common dolphins (note the dolphin jumping on the top right)

Atlantic spotted dolphin

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