Friday, February 17, 2012

Risso's and common dolphins

This morning we had another great tour out on our catamaran. It did not take us long before we encountered a large playful group of common dolphins. The dolphins were very curious towards our boat, so they spent a lot of time simply swimming in front of our bow, giving all of our passengers a great look from the front of the boat.

As the wind picked up a bit during our encounter it created good wave-surfing conditions for the dolphins. We were lucky to see some fantastic jumps out of the waves, including playful leaps from some of the youngsters that were in the group (such as the dolphin in the front left in the following photo)...

We also had a surprise encounter with a small group of Risso's dolphins that we spotted on our way in to the coastline. Although these dolphins were are a bit more shy, with a bit of patience we got a few nice glimpes. The group of Risso's dolphins also inlcluded a young juvenile that was swimming alongside an adult that we could identify from previous encounters.

This weekend the weather and sea conditions are expected to improve, so we are looking forward to more great tours on on the sea.

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