Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beautiful sightings

Today we had a bit of a mixed day with very different tours in the morning and afternoon. In the morning we went out in our catamaran and saw several groups of common dolphins spread out across a large area. As usual the dolphins were very curious and friendly and spent most of their time swimming with our boat and surfing the waves beside us. We had some really great moments with the common dolphins.

Our afternoon tour started with a surprise as we stopped to watch our first group of dolphins a flying fish suddenly came out of nowhere, flew straight towards our boat, skimmed past on of our passengers in the front and then landed back in the water on the other side of our boat.

This time we were on one of our smaller rubber boats and we had more luck with bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales (although we saw common dolphins too). First we  saw the bottlense dolphins and it was a really good group. There were at least 70 individuals, and as well as bowriding we got to see some social behaviour from several dolphins, such as the following dolphin playing with its belly up in the air:

The sperm whales were just as great. Our onshore lookout had informed us that there were up to 30 individuals together in a close group to the west of the island. So we went to the area off the coast of Mosteiros where the water quicky drops away to over 3000 meters deep (exactly the kind of place where sperm whales like to feed). After a bit of patience we were rewarded with several sperm whale sightings. At one stage there were up to 10 individuals travelling close together at the surface (and even more individuals further around us). We even got to see 2 breaches (unfortunately as is often the case we did not manage to capture photos of the amazing leaps). After travelling north with the group for a while we finally got to see a few tails as the whales went down on their deep dives, giving us a nice ending to our tour.


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