Saturday, February 25, 2012

Risso's and common dolphins, and turtles

What a beautiful day today! Such a big improvement from the cloudy and drizzly day we had yesterday. To make today even better we had some really good dolphin sighting on our tour this morning. We went out on our catamaran and the sea and visibility conditions were really great. Just a few minutes after we left the marina we had a surpirse encounter with some Risso's dolphins. First we saw a mother and calf pair, then a bit further along were a few more individuals hanging around a small local fishing boat. We often see the Risso's dolphins near these boats and they are actually known to take squid from the fishermen's lines.

Further offshore we encountered many groups of common dolphins spread throughout the area. There were dolphins everywhere around us and many of them came to our boat to swim alongside and in front. The light conditions were really good so we got to see their beautiful markings really well.

The following photos give a slight idea of what it is like to see these playful photos from our catamarn. Ofcourse it is much better to be there and see it for yourself. The dolphins just love to accompany the boat, especially in front of the bow where we get an excellent view of them.

To complete the tour we also sighted this small loggerhead turtle:

Tomorrow morning and afternoon we have more tours booked, so we are looking forward to seeing what will be out there for us to see.

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