Monday, March 12, 2012

More blue whales sighted in São Miguel

Today we saw blue whales again! We saw two large adults of at least three whales that our vigia (onshore watchman) spotted in the area. The two whales we saw were travelling together and luckily for us they were doing short dives and staying up for long enough for us to see them really well. A few times they surfaced close to our small rubber boats that we were on today. In one of the surfacings one of the whales came up behind one of our boats, heading straight to us and diving underneath our boat as we were silently sitting and staring in amazement at the huge animal.

Of course we saw dolphins too. Plenty of common dolphins which are always amazing to see. We already saw our first group only 10 minutes after leaving the marina. This is one of the dolphins we managed to photograph not to far off the coastline of Ponta Delgada.


Anonymous said...

wow!! i love this giants. i hope to come to see them.

Federico from italy


Miranda van der Linde said...

It's starting off to be a great season for blue whales this year. We hope that the blue whales will keep coming.If you are thinking of coming to the Azores the best time to see blue whales and other large baleen whales is from now to early June.

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