Sunday, March 18, 2012

Several more blue whales and fin whales in São Miguel

Today the south coast of São Miguel Island was full of whales! Our vigia (onshore watchman) reported that there were several blue whales and fin whales in the area, so after seeing a nice group of common dolphins we went out to the whale area. The whales were a bit spread out, so we focused on an area where two individuals were making dives. A bit of patience was required as we waited for the whales to come up, in the meantime seeing the very distant blows of some of the other whales coming to the surface far from where we were. In the end our patience really paid of as we got a few looks at two different blue whales. The last look we had before we headed in was especially rewarding, as while we were waiting for the whale to come up we suddenly saw a big blue shadow not far alongside our boat and the whale came up right there!

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