Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue whale pectoral fin slapping!!! (21 April morning tour)

This morning we had an amazing and unforgetable experience with a large blue whale off the coast of São Miguel Island. The passengers aboard one of our boats were very lucky to see some very rare behaviour from the whale: the whale surfaced close to our boat and after a while at the surface it suddenly rolled onto its side and began slapping its pectoral fin on the surface of the water. It is common to see humpback whales doing this, but it is very unusual to see a blue whale, the largest animal in the world, behaving like this, especially so close to a boat. The whale didn't mind us at all, in fact it seemed to be quite curious as it continued to roll over to the point that we could see its eye!! The following photos give an idea of what our lucky passengers (and very excited crew members) were treated to... 

Blue whale rolling on its side. Here you can see the pectoral fin in the air. below that you can see the throat folds and the eye just above the folds!

This was the first time we saw the whale, surfacing normally

Whale on its side. On the left is the pectoral fin, on the right you can see part of the tail

 Huge blow!!!

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