Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blue whale and sperm whales sighted

Today was another fantastic day all around! In the morning our swimming clients swam with common dolphins along the coastline, while the whale watching boats went further out and saw sperm whales. In the afternoon we had another whale watching tour and encountered the same group of sperm whales not too far from shore. The group included several resident individuals that we could recognise from natural marks on their bodies and tails. We got to see many great tails as the whales went down on their deep feeding dives. After the sperm whales we had an incredible encounter with a very large blue whale. We got to see the whale really well on several surfacings. Recently we had been seeing mostly sei whales, so it was great to have this surprise encounter with a blue whale this time!

Beautiful tail of a sperm whale sighted today!

One of our resident sperm whales. This particular individual is regularly sighted in our area.

Another great sperm whale tail

 Sequence of shot taken of the blue whale encountered during the afternoon

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