Sunday, April 1, 2012

Humpback whale, minke whale & 3 species of dolphins!

Today was another great day for us here in São Miguel! This morning we had our boats go out for swimming with dolphins and whale watching and again we were successful with great sightings of common dolphins followed by a suprise encounter with a humpback whale close to Ponta Delgada. In the afternoon there was no sign of the humpback whale, but we did get to see bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins a minke whale and common dolphins. During this tour we also came across a blue shark attacking a fish. Our trips are always a new adventure as we never know what we are going to see...

Photos from the morning:

 Watching common dolphins from aboard our catamaran

 Humpback whale diving close to Ponta Delgada

Photos from the afternoon:

 Bottlenose dolphins

 Striped dolphins - They were bowriding which is not common for us to see from this species!

Common dolphin surfing a wave

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