Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More blue whales, curious dolphins, sei whales and a fin whale

Today was another incredible day with clear skies, calm seas and many cetacean species for us to see. In the morning we had our catamaran and a smaller boat on the water and we were able to show our clients two different blue whales (the first one was the same individual we have already sighted twice in this past week), common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon had a dolphin swimming tour and another boat for whale watching. Those on the swimming boat had an excellent encounter with bottlenose dolphins, and even had a bonus sighting of a minke whale among the dolphins. For our whale watching clients we started with the same bottlenose dolphins and also saw common dolphins (a very curious group of individuals that were really playing with our boat) and a fin whale and minke whale together. And finally, here are some of our photos from today:

Blue whale blow! (Santa Maria Island in the background)

 From aboard our catamaran: our smaller boat, blue whale and Santa Maria Island

Our first blue whale this morning

And our second blue whale!

Our swimming boat: Preparing to swim with bottlenose dolphins

There were at least 30 dolphins in this group!

The dolphins all travelling together and passing close to our boats

Bottlenose dolphins: our residents

Watching our resident common dolphins

The common dolphins were swimming calmly right alongside our boat!

A very curious dolphin rolling on its side and looking up at our passengers!!

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