Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sperm whales socialising

Today we had several boats going out at different times, and throughout the day we were able to observe common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales. Here we have some photos just from our tour during the middle of the day. At this time the sperm whales were socialising at the surface, so we were able to see at least 8 whales up together. We could see the whales rolling around, one occasionally lifting its tail straight up and holding it there and several whales often spyhopping (raising the head out of the water) as if to look up at us on the boat:

2 sperm whales spyhopping. Here you see the their large noses coming out of the water

Another whale spyhopping. On the right you can see the narrow lower jaw which has many marks (probably caused by the squid that they feed on)

Sperm whale adult and juvenile pair

Three sperm whales grouping up

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