Friday, April 13, 2012

Minke whale, fin whale, sei whale and dolphins

Today we had another great whale watching day. Just look at our pictures from today to see what our passengers experienced! In the morning we were watching a minke whale that came over to our small rubber boat. On this trip we also saw common dolphins to complete the tour. In the morning travelled far to the east, but it was well worth the trip to see this beautiful part of the Island near Povoação. Here we encountered a group of common dolphins close to shore, followed by a sei whale and fin whale travelling together just a bit further out. Today we also received news from our crew in Pico that have just started their season and sighted sperm whales, sei whales and common dolphins today!!

This morning - Watching a minke whale off our rubber boat

Afternoon - The common dolphins were very close to shore far to the east

Watching the common dolphins in the afternoon 

The common dolphins swimming with our boat

Watching a sei whale (seen travelling together with a fin whale)

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