Friday, April 20, 2012

Whale watching with Futurismo

Today was another beautiful calm day with more great sightings throughout the day. In the morning we saw common dolphins and a group of very curious sperm whales (the same group we have been seeing in previous days). In the afternoon we saw the sperm whales again (and they were curious again!), a mixed pod of striped dolphins and common dolphins and a fin whale. Our photos from these tours tell the rest of the story....

Photos from the morning:

A very curious sperm whale approaching one of our boats

A large female sperm whale

 Watching three sperm whales at the surface together

Sperm whale going on a deep dive

Watching a sperm whale from aboard our Catamaran

Photos from the afternoon:

 Fin whale 

 Common dolphins leaping alongside and behind our catamaran. This group was seen together with striped dolphins

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