Saturday, May 26, 2012

And the fin whales keep coming

Over the past few days we have been seeing many fin whales on our tours, as well as common dolphins every day and bottlenose dolphins yesterday. Yesterday we also had an additional sighting of sperm whales that were passing the island and were already leaving again early this morning. Yesterday our biologists on board managed to capture several really good photos during our encounters:

Photos from the morning tour:

One of our boats with a fin whale

One of the sperm whales sighted in the morning

Sperm whale diving (and pooing)

Bottlenose dolphins (a very social group)

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins travelling in a tight group

Photos from the afternoon tour:

One of the two fin whales we sighted

 Sequence of one of the fin whales becoming curious and surfacing near one of our boats

Our other boat got just as lucky with the fin whales coming up very close!

Loggerhead turtle

One of the sperm whales resighted in the afternoon

Our happy clients returning to Ponta Delgada after another great tour

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