Friday, May 4, 2012

Another blue whale and more dolphins in São Miguel

Today in the morning we sighted another blue whale here in São Miguel, one of many individuals that have been passing our island over the past two months. We feel really lucky to have such a great season this year with so many sightings of several whale species on almost every tour that we have been on recently. Ofcourse we have been seeing many dolphins too, mostly common dolphins which were seen in both the morning and afternoon today. In the afternoon we were not as lucky with the weather, as we experienced a lot of rain making it difficult to find the whale again. However we did manage to locate really good groups of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins, making it another sucessful trip for us. Here are a few photos from today's tours:

 Large blue whale we encountered this morning

One of the common dolphins from the morning

Bottlenose dolphins sighted in the afternoon

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