Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blue whale, fin whale, sperm whale and dolphins

On this day in the morning we encountered three fin whales and a blue whale travelling together. We had some really great encounters as the whales were always travelling close to the surface and they were not shy to surface near all of our boats (especially the blue whale which seemed to be very curious!). At the beginning of the tour we also saw some common dolphins near the whales so it ended up being another very sucessful tour. In the afternoon we saw the three fin whales again, but this time there was no sign of the blue whale anymore. We did get to see sperm whales in the afternoon though, as well as a group of bottlenose dolphins.

Morning tour: Fin whale (one of three individuals we saw)

Morning tour: Blue whale just before surfacing

Morning tour: Blue whale (seen together with the three fin whales)

Morning tour: Blue whale tail at the surface

Morning tour: Examaning some blue whale poo!

Morning tour: Two fin whales side by side

Morning tour: Blue whale

Morning tour: Blue whale tail

Morning tour: Fin whale

Afternoon tour: Two fin whales (we saw the same three as in the morning)

Afternoon tour: Fin whale

Afternoon tour: Two sperm whales

Afternoon tour: Sperm whale going on a deep dive

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