Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 2012 cetacean sighting statistics

During the month of May we have sighted 9 different cetacean species during our whale watching tours:
At this time of the year the baleen whales like the blue whale, fin whale and sei whale are passing the Azores on their annual migration, and this year in São Miguel we have had record high sightings of blue whales and fin whales in particular. We were also very lucky at the start of the month with a sighting of a pod of orcas that were also seen at the end of last month.

We are now reaching the end of the baleen whale season, but as these large whales leave we can expect more sightings of our resident sperm whales as well as increased sighintgs of pilot whales, larger groups of dolphins and the return of the Atlantic spotted dolphins that generally arrive here in June.
We are looking forward to another great Azorean summer, and this is a perfect time for you to come and join us on one of our tours!

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