Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orcas put on another show for Futurismo!!!

Our group of orcas from two days ago is still in the area, and this morning the lucky people that came out whale watching with Futurismo got to see them put on another great show. As soon as we arrived to the area the orcas took interest in our boat and came over to swim close around and underneath our catamaran. They were the same group of six that we saw two days ago (see previous blog post), including a very large male that put on a great tail slapping show for us. He came up alongside our boat and began slapping his powerfull tail on the surface of the water, first facing upright then lying on his back. As well as our following photos we also managed to capture some video footage which is available here on youtube,or view the video in the window below...

Male orca lobtailing (tail slapping)

Male orca upside down lobtailing

Male orca upside down lobtailing

Male orca lying on its back with its big paddle-like pectoral fins in the air

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