Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another beautiful summers day in São Miguel

It is another beautiful summers day in São Miguel and we have had great success on the sea. Today we had whale watching in the morning and afternoon, swimming with dolphins in the morning as well as our first full-day tour for the year (our full day tour consists of whale watching in the morning followed by lunch at a local restaurant in Vila Franca and and afternoon relaxing and snorkeling in the lagoon of Vila Franca Islet).

In the morning our swimming tour was with a large group of common dolphins and our passengers on this trip were extremely lucky to see the dolphins feeding on a large school of mackerel just beneath the surface. Those on the whale watching boats encountered a group of sperm whales to the east, followed by a large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins.

In the afternoon we saw sperm whales including a very curious individual that swam around our boat twice and kept spyhopping (raising its head out of the water) to see us better. On this tour we also saw a group of pilot whales, which turned out to be the same group of individuals that we saw last week. Following are a few of our favourite photos from the day:

Photos from the morning:

Juvenile sperm whale taking its last breath before a dive

Juvenile sperm whale diving

Adult sperm whale

Adult sperm whale diving

Atlantic spotted dolphins alongside our fibreglass boat

Two of our boats with the Atlantic spotted dolphins

The dolphins racing with our boat

Photos from the afternoon:

Large sperm whale diving

Curious sperm whale spyhopping

Curious sperm whale coming closer

Sperm whale

Pilot whale

Pilot whales

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