Monday, June 11, 2012

A day with our resident dolphins

Today we started off with three boats in the morning; two for whale watching and one for swimming with dolphins. We did not manage to encounter the large male sperm whale that was near the island, but we did have some great encounters with our three resident dolphin species (Risso's dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins). Those on the swimming tour had a very succesful swim with the bottlenose dolphins which turned out to be the same group that we saw yesterday with a very small newborn calf.

One of our boats watching a group of about 10 Risso's dolphins

Risso's dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins with our boats

Bottlenose dolphin

In the afternoon we did not find the same groups of dolphins. Instead we found three juvenile dolphins close to the coastline. They were not very big and one had spots on its body so was initially mistaken for Atlantic spotted dolphins. However, our resident bottlenose dolphins are always a pleasure to see...

Two of the bottlenose dolphins from the afternoon

Bottlenose dolphin with spots

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