Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Great sperm whale sightings

During the last few days there has been a group of sperm whales in the area, so we have had many great sightings. We were able to identify many of the individuals from our sperm whale fluke (tail) catalogue which identifies individuals based on their natural marks. Of the individuals seen today we could clearly identify a large female who we call "Mancha Branca" (meaning white spot or stain - she was named after the large white patch she has on her back) who we last photographed here in September 2010. She has been seen with many different whales and this afternoon she was sighted on two surfacings with a large male that we know very well from frequent encounters and who we call "Mr Liable". Today we also sighted common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins (for only the second time this season). All the groups of dolphins we encountered included many very young dolphins that were eagerly leaping and playing in the waves. Here are a few photos taken by our crew aboard today:

Photos from the morning:

Atlantic spotted dolphin - sighted for the second time this season

Adult female sperm whale called "Mancha Branca"

Another female sperm whale

Photos from the afternoon:

 Dive sequence: "Mr Liable" and "Mancha Branca" going on a deep dive together
Common dolphins - Adult with a juvenile

One of our boats watching common dolphins

Common dolphin juvenile leaping

Common dolphins (try to spot the calf)

Common dolphin adults

 Another dive sequence of "Mancha Branca" and "Mr Liable" who were spotted together at the surface with a juvenile before going on another deep dive

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