Thursday, June 14, 2012

Many more sperm whales, striped dolphins and common dolphins

Morning tour:
This morning we had sperm whales near São Miguel Island for the 5th day in a row. Out of the group that was diving in the area we managed to see three younger whales and two adult females. After a bit of patience we got to see their tails as they went down on their dives. Before we saw the whales we also spent some time with friendly group of common dolphins. The following photos are of the two adult whales that we encountered:

Afternoon tour:
In the afternoon we encountered the same group of sperm whales and this time they were grouping up, socialising, approaching our boats and even breaching for one of our boats!
Those that went on our zodiac boats also had a bonus encounter with the very energetic striped dolphins (as well as common dolphins) while the later tour on the catamaran were very lucky to see 7 sperm whales grouping up and travelling together before raising their tails for their deep dives. Following are a few photos taken from our smaller boats and catamaran...

Striped dolphins!!!

A huge group of striped dolphins

Watching a curious sperm whale rolling over and showing the tip of its tail

Watching a sperm whale

Another curious sperm whale revealing its lower jaw

Large group of sperm whales photographed from aboard our catamaran

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