Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pilot whales, sperm whales and common dolphins

Today in the morning we encountered groups of pilot whales and sperm whales in the same area as each other, near the eastern end of the island.  By the afternoon the sperm whales had already left the island, but we did get to see the group of pilot whales again. On both tours we also encountered groups of common dolphins with many young calves. Following are a few of our photos taken from aboard our catamaran:

Photos from the morning:

Curious sperm whale approaching our boat

Watching the curious sperm whale from our catamaran

Curious whale diving in front of our boat

Pilot whale

Pilot whales - adult and calf

Photos from the afternoon:

 Common dolphin swimming with our catamaran

Common dolphin in crystal clear water

Pilot whales - mother and calf

Common dolphin staying near our boat

Portuguese man-o-war

Group of at least 15 pilot whales sighted

Pilot whales

Pilot whale going down on a dive

Whale watching aboard our catamaran

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