Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pilot whales, sperm whales, Mr Liable, swimming with common dolphins and more!

Today was a great day for us, with beautiful blue skies and great sightings on our whale watching and dolphin swimming tours. The swimmers had a fantastic and unforgetable experience with a large and very social group of common dolphins. Those on the whale watching boats saw the dolphins and then continued further east where we sighted a group of sperm whales as well as pilot whales. In the morning we had a Japanese film crew aboard our catamaran and they managed to get some really great footage throughout the tour.

Photos taken in the morning (from our catamaran):

First sperm whale sighted off our catamaran

Beautiful tail from the sperm whale

One of the pilot whale sighted (the same group of individuals that was sighted four days ago)

Second sperm whale sighted off the catamaran

Another very nice big tail

Tourists and film crew on the bow of our catamaran

Photos from the afternoon:
The following photos from "Song of Whales", our medium sized fibreglass boat. During this tour we sighted two different sperm whales and a social group of common dolphins that included many mating individuals. Following are some of our photos:

First sperm whale sighted - Mr Liable, a  large male we have been seeing here for many years

Second sperm whale sighted - a large female with ID#94 in our fluke catalogue

Watching some playful common dolphins

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