Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sei whale and playful dolphins this morning

Just when we were almost sure that the baleen whale season had ended for us a sei whale gave us a surprise visit on our tour this morning. The whale was travelling alone, always staying near the surface and coming up regularly to breathe just once each time. We got to see the whale really well from aboard our catamaran as well as one of our zodiac boats. We also had a really nice encounter with a group of common dolphins, which included many playful juveniles as well as at least one tiny newborn calf.

Common dolphins

Watching the dolphins from the bow of our catamaran

Common dolphins (notice their is a small calf in the middle and the adult on the left is missing the yellow patch that these dolphins normally have on their sides)

Sei whale coming to surface

Sei whale in front of our catamaran

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