Monday, June 18, 2012

Sperm whales and dolphins

Today we had a group of sperm whales to the east of Ponta Delgada in the morning and a different group of sperm whales to the west in the afternoon. So, on both our morning and afternoon tours we were successful in seeing sperm whales as well as dolphins. In the morning the dolphins did not stay with us for long, but nevertheless we had a brief encounter with common dolphins. In the afternoon we had an encounter with a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins while are swimmers were in the water with the common dolphins.

Photos of sperm whale sighted in the morning:

Photos from the afternoon:

Male sperm whale off the coast of Mosteiros

Male sperm whale diving

 Adult with a calf surfacing alongside

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphin

 Atlantic spotted dolphin (juvenile so therefore has no spots yet)

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