Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sperm whales with dolphins

Today in the morning we saw bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins and the people who went on the Swimming with Dolphin tour got to swim with both species, and they had a great time in the water.
In the afternoon we saw 4 sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins again. First we encountered a sperm whale calf lifting its fluke high out of the water before diving. Then we saw two individuals diving together. The last sperm whale we saw was together with 3-4 bottlenose dolphins. This sperm whale rolled around on its side waving its pectoral fins and parts of the fluke before it made a deep dive away from the dolphins. We stayed and watched the playful dolphins before going back to the harbour. Another great day on the sea.

Bottlenose dolphins from the morning

The sperm whale calf diving

Two dolphins to the left and a sperm whale to the right

The sperm whale

Two of the bottlenose dolphins

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