Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012-07-08 sightings

Recently we have been spending much time on the sea and having tours full of amazing sightings, leaving little time for us to update our sightings blog on a regular basis. Nevertheless, we now have available the following photos and a link (here) to a video captured on the 8th of July of Pilot whales. On this day we have seen many dolphins, including a superpod (a group composed of up to a few thousand individuals) of Atlantic spotted dolphins and a group of about 15 pilot whales that we have been observing here all week. On this day the spotted dolphins were a particular highlight because of the groups being so large with many newborn calves and many individuals swimming with us and repeatedly leaping around our boats.

Photos from the morning:

Top viewing platform of our catamaran

Our captain searching for the animals

Pilot whale - an individual we call Jorge

Largehead hairtail after being attacked by a seagull

Atlantic spotted dolphin - juvenile leaping in the waves

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphin

One of our biologists describing the species sighted

Watching the Atlantic spotted dolphins bowriding in front of our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphin beside our catamaran

A lucky passenger gets her own show

Atlantic spotted dolphin mother and calf pair

A large group of dolphins leaping (Santa Maria Island in the background)

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