Sunday, July 22, 2012

Curious sperm whales

Today we had a calm and beautiful sea and many boats going out. In the morning we saw one bottlenose dolphin, a group of common dolphins (click here to see our video of them bowriding in the crystal clear waters we had today) and a lot of sperm whales. In the afternoon we saw the common dolphins, many sperm whales and we had a close encounter with a curious sperm whale calf. To see our video of the calf passing under the bow of our boat click here. To see our underwater footage of the calf passing by click here. We also had a full day tour to Vila Franca Islet and swimming with dolphins in both morning and afternoon. 

Photos from the morning:

One of our boats watching a sperm whale

One common dolphin (in the back) is missing the typical yellow colour

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whales diving

Sperm whale rolling over, showing its lower jaw and eye

Sperm whale calf playing at the surface

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