Thursday, July 12, 2012

A perfect calm day with more great whale and dolphin sightings

Today is an absolutely perfect day for whale watching and swimming with dolphins in São Miguel. The sea is calm, the sky is blue, the water is warm and crystal clear and there are plenty of animals around for us to see. Following are a few of our photos taken from aboard our catamaran this morning. Among our different boats we sighted common dolphins, sperm whales, Risso's dolphins and loggerhead turtles, including one large individual with a missing flipper.

Photos from the morning:

Risso's dolphins encountered close to Vila Franca Islet

Risso's dolphin with Santa Maria Island in the background

Risso's dolphins

Risso's dolphins

Loggerhead turtle with missing flipper

Watching a small loggerhead turtle

In the afternoon we had two boats for swimming with dolphins and one for whale watching. This time they sighted even more sperm whales as well as Atlantic spotted dolphins. Photos from the afternoon:

Octopus or squid remains found during the tour

Squid remains

Video of spotted dolphins


federico said...

i don't think that turtle was happy to be taken off the water. It's a kind of behaviour totally harmuful.

Ida Eriksson said...

This turtle was taken out of the water in a safe way to see if it was tagged. We are cooperating with the University of Florida (they are tagging turtles) and they are checking the travelling of turtles that are crossing the Atlantic ocean.
We also wanted to know that it was ok since it was missing one flipper and it was strong and healthy. We put it back into the water and its swimming free. Thanks for your concern about the wild animals :)
Our priority is to make sure that the marine life is ok :)

Federico said...

thank you for your explanation

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