Monday, July 9, 2012

Pilot whales and a super pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins

Today again we had the lucky chance of encountering a super pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins. During our tours we saw hundreds of dolphins travelling together, with many very small babies in the group. Throughout the day we also encountered groups of common dolphins, Risso's dolphins and the same group of pilot whales that we have been seeing a lot of here recently. Here are a few of our biologists photos from the catamaran:

Our zodiac boat with the super pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins

Dolphin watching from aboard our catamaran

Playful juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Giving one of our young passengers a turn at the wheel

Common dolphin

Watching Atlantic spotted dolphins from our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphins just in front of our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Our biologist speaking to some of our Dutch passengers

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Pilot whales - "Slick back", "Jorge" and an individual that is yet to receive a name

The beautiful coastline of Ribeira Quente

Atlantic spotted dolphins leaping close alongside our catamaran

Cory's shearwaters

Atlantic spotted dolphins - mother and young calf

Our zodiac with the spotted dolphins

Risso's dolphin sighted in the afternoon

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