Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swimming with dolphins

Today we had a great day in the water with the common dolphins. We recognize this group because one of the members has a flopped dorsal fin. We first saw this individual on Sunday morning in a small group and today he was in a larger group with many calves. The dolphins were very curious and jumping a lot around the boats and bowriding with us. The one with the flopped fin was named Victor by a swedish family who first came whale watching on Sunday and saw him, and then swam with him today.

Common dolphins

Some calves and juveniles in the group

Common dolphin with a flopped dorsal fin 

Happy swimmers in the water with dolphins
and you can see other whale watching boat Alfredo baleeiro

Many jumps


Anonymous said...

Yes it was truly an amazing afternoon . Erik is still smiling and we all had an experience of a lifetime . Thanks a lot for taking so good care of us Lots of Love The Brome Family

Ida Eriksson said...

And thank you for choosing us! We have seen Victor again so he is still around São Miguel. I hope we meet again :)

Lots of love to you all :)
/Ida Eriksson and Victor the Dolphin

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