Friday, July 13, 2012

Sperm whales and 3 species of dolphins

Today was another very eventful day with us with many different boats going out morning and afternoon for whale watching, swimming with dolphins and a combination full-day tour of whale watching and visiting Vila Franca Islet. In the morning we started off with an encounter with a group of common dolphins close to shore. The dolphins were travelling, all leaping out of the water together at speed. In this group we were able to observe many younger dolphins and our swimmers were lucky to be able to see so many individuals beneath the surface. After enjoying the dolphins we headed further offshore where our whale watchers encountered some of our resident sperm whales.

In the afternoon we also had whale watching and swimming with dolphins. Those that were swimming had the chance to go in the water with two different groups of common dolphins. The observation boat returned to the area of the sperm whales but unfortunately they were nowhere to be found. However, they did encounter three types of dolphins: Risso's dolphins, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins.

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