Friday, July 13, 2012

What is a full day tour?

A full day tour starts at 09.00 in the morning with whale watching. The day started a bit grey and cloudy on the sea but we saw a curious group of common dolphins and two sperm whales diving raising their flukes for us.

Common dolphin

Our swimming boat with common dolphins

One of the sperm whales diving

After the whale watching we go to Vila Franca do Campo and eat lunch together at a very nice restaurant with view over the harbor and the islet. There you can choose different meals of fish and meat, and a drink.

Choosing fish

At the restaurant

And after lunch and a coffee we go to Ilhéu de Vila Franca (Vila Franca Islet) by boat and swim in the lagoon (volcanic crater) inside the islet. After a grey morning at sea the sun came during lunch and we had a beautiful sunny day at the islet with good snorkelling in the warm water. At the islet there are a lot of flowers, birds, crabs, fish and a few curious lizards to see. Several birds are nesting here, like the common tern and Cory´s shearwater, but also rock pigeons, buzzards and gulls, and the islet is an natural reserve and protected and the number of people at the islet everyday is limited. 

The lagoon

Goby fish

White seabream

White seabream and salema (in the front)

Boar fish

Ornate wrasse

Some of the fish species that you can find here

The lagoon has a beach that is only visible during low tide



Another photographer 

View outside of the islet

Aloe vera

Some of the flowers you can find here at the islet

One of the lizards 

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